5 Best Travel Strollers For Overseas 2013

5 Best Travel Strollers For Overseas 2013

Last updated on July 22nd, 2019 at 10:16 pm

I recently set out to find the most recommended lightweight, travel strollers for people planning an overseas trip with baby.

My personal criteria for selecting a travel stroller include

Lightweight : The stroller must be lightweight and easy to collapse because no-0ne wants to be lugging a heavy pram around airports, hotels and towns on their travels. Most good quality travel strollers weigh less than 20 lbs and some are as light as 11 lbs.

Easy To Fold: The stroller must fold quickly and easily. Many travel strollers can be folded with one hand and some will stand upright in their folded position which can also be handy when you are getting in and out of public transport.

Sturdy and easy to manoeuvre: The travel stroller must be made from quality material that isn’t going to fall apart after one trip and have sturdy wheels for navigating uneven roads, cobblestone, gravel and other surfaces you might encounter overseas.

Reclining Seat: This marks the difference between a basic and “premium” umbrella style stroller. Look for a reclining seat so your baby can nap comfortably while out sight seeing.

Extended Canopy: Check the canopy size because most umbrella strollers have only a small sunshade that barely covers your baby’s face. I like strollers with an extended canopy.

Storage: The stroller must have some storage in the form of a basket and/ or storage pockets for carrying small items.


This list is based on the most recommended travel strollers from real moms – from popular parenting forums and review sites.


1) The Maclaren Quest

Maclaren lightweight strollers are definitely a favourite among overseas travellers! The Maclaren Quest features a fully reclining seat, one hand recline, 5 point harness and an adjustable foot rest. It is lightweight at just 13.9 lbs, comes with a carry strap and is compact enough to fit into tight spaces. The water resistant hood has a UV safe viewing window and it comes with a rain cover and storage basket. The Maclaren Quest is very easy to open and close with a “one hand 5-second fold.” The lockable, front swivel wheels make this stroller easy to push and manoeuvre around airports, shopping centres or on uneven surfaces. The only complaint people have is that the basket is a bit small.

Retails for around $269.99. (Read more reviews here)

2) Uppa Baby G-Luxe

Weighing just 11 lbs the UPPA Baby G-Luxe Stroller is also a popular option for world travellers. It folds up quickly and stands up on its own when folded which is very handy when waiting for public transport, plus it takes up less space in tiny hotel rooms. The taller ergonomic handles make it an ideal choice for taller parents and it comes with a convenient carry strap. Parents like the fact that the Uppa Baby G-Luxe can be reclined to any position and the extended pop-out sun canopy is one of the largest found on umbrella type strollers, providing extra protection against UV rays. The stroller has 5.5″ wheels and is easy to push on unpaved roads or cobblestones. It has a cup holder and basket which will hold a smaller diaper bag. Some people feel it is not as sturdy as the Maclaren but others love it!

It retails for around $229.00 (Read more reviews here)

3) Peg Perego Si Lightweight Stroller

The Italian made Peg-Perego Si Light Weight Stroller weighs in at just 13 lbs and one of a few compact strollers that will also take a car seat. This is handy feature if you are planning on taking your baby’s car seat with you on the plane. The stroller has a fully reclining seat with a 5 point harness, allowing freedom of movement, and it has a large sun canopy. The handles are adjustable and it has a simple one-hand folding system. The Peg Perego Si stands upright when folded so it doesn’t get muddy or wet when travelling in colder climates. The stroller has 6.5″ suspension wheels, the front wheels swivel for easy maneuverability and the rear wheels have “one-step” brakes. It comes with a detachable cup holder and basket. The only cons I found were a small number of people remarked that the wheels rattled and it feels a bit flimsy, however most users were very happy with how it handles.

It retails for around $257.97 (Read more reviews here)

4) Bumbleride Flite

The Bumbleride Flite Compact Travel Stroller is suitable for infants and toddlers up to 50 lbs and comes with an infant headrest and shoulder pads, infant seat adapter bar, 5 point harness, removable carry strap and cup holder. The Flite weighs just 13 lbs and features a multi-adjusting backrest and footrest. It is also compatible with a number of popular infant car seats. While not technically a “one-hand” fold for this stroller some people have reported that it can be done! This stroller does folds down ultra-slim so it can easily be stowed in the smallest spaces. The basket is positioned so it can be accessed from the front making it easy to grab things even when the seat is reclined. The basket is small and some people report that the sunshade could be a bit larger but overall moms seem happy with this one.

It retails for around $252.87 (read more reviews here)

5) Chicco Capri C6 Lite

The Chicco C6 Lightweight Stroller is a basic lightweight stroller that is popular among travellers because it has a much sturdier frame and better steering than most of the less expensive umbrella strollers. It weighs just 11 lbs and includes a 2-position reclining seat, 5 point harness and a sunshade. There is also a small basket underneath. It does not have a cup holder but there is a storage pocket on the back that you can put a drink in. It is easy to fold, has front suspension wheels and “pushes like a dream” according to one fan! The Chicco C6 Lite comes with a carry strap as well as a bag which makes it perfect for airports. The handle are reportedly low so it may not be as suitable for taller parents but overall it represents good value if you are looking for a compact, well priced stroller.

It retails for around $79.99 (read more reviews here)


So what do you think?

Do you have a favourite stroller for your travels with baby?

Feel free to share your experience here.

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