Baby in the SuitcaseTraveling with a baby can be fun but remember that visiting new places, with new sights and sounds, can be overwhelming to a young child. If you are traveling with a young baby, it’s best to take it slow and set realistic expectations. Plan ahead carefully and let your baby experience this new world at his or her own pace.

Tip 1. Plan and pack ahead of time

Choose a good size diaper bag or backpack with several compartments or pockets for your baby’s accessories. If you are traveling by plane you will need to take this as a carry on.

Bring enough diapers to last you, until you can get to a shop. I personally hate arriving somewhere and having to hike out straight away trying to find shops to purchase essential items.

It is also handy to pack a foldable changing mat or a least a small towel so you can change your baby almost anywhere. It is not always easy to find a suitable place to change diapers, depending on where you go. If you prefer you can also purchase disposable change mats to take.

Pack some plastic bags, baby wipes, a few toys and a change of clothes for baby. If your baby’s skin is sensitive to baby wipes you could also pack a soft cloth and a bottle of water.

Tip 2. Bring a favourite cuddly toy or soft blanket

Baby sleepingIt can help if your baby has something familiar to cuddle like a favourite stuffed toy or cuddly blanket when traveling.  Your baby might  feel less anxious about being in a new place if they have something soft and  familiar to hold on to.

Books and other small toys can help to distract your baby and keep them entertained while you are traveling. You could purchase a couple of new toys for your trip or, alternatively, put some their toys from home “away” for a couple of weeks and reintroduce them on your travels as a surprise.

Tip 3. Eat Familiar Foods

If your baby is up to eating solid foods bring along small snacks for the trip and while you are away try to feed your baby familiar foods, like baby crackers, banana and pre-packaged baby food that they like. Bring along disposable spoons, baby bibs and wipes.

Think about what foods are hard/easy to clean off in case you have no access to warm water (eg, tomato sauces and pumpkin puree can be messy and will stain easily). Keep a bottle of water on hand for cleaning up as well as drinking.

A useful tip is to let your baby get used to eating food that is not perfectly heated at home before you go. That way your baby will be less likely to refuse a semi-cold offering if you need to feed them on the go.

Tip 4. Set A Routine And Try To Stick to It

If you are traveling to a different time zone it can help to start the transition the week before you leave home by putting your baby to bed a little earlier, or later, than you normally would each day.

While you are traveling it is a good idea to start – and end – the day early. Babies and young children are generally at their best in the morning so this is a good time to sightsee and explore you new surroundings. Afternoons and evenings are better for relaxing and quite games indoors.

Young babies rely on routines to help them understand their day so try to keep their meal times, bath time and naps similar to the routines you use at home. This will help your baby to adjust more quickly.

Don’t stress too much about changing your baby’s sleep patterns permanently. Babies sleep patterns will naturally go through different phases, even at home, and there will sometimes be setbacks when your baby is teething or they are sick. Any setbacks on your travels will only be temporary.

If you are worried about jet lag, hotel blackout curtains are helpful when establishing new sleep patterns in a completely different time zone! It also helps if everyone is well rested before you travel as it makes the transition easier. Over a few days everyone will adjust to the local time.

Tip 5. Pack A Medical KitMediBuddy First Aid Kit

It’s a good idea to pack a small medical kit that is suitable for all the family. If you traveling overseas it is best to take your own baby pain relief medicine or other medications because you know they work for your child.

Other useful items to pack might include a digital thermometer, a medicine spoon, nasal aspirator and baby nail clippers. The MediBuddy First Aid Kit for kids is a handy item to carry and includes cute band aids, kid size bandages, antiseptic wipes, ointment and gauze. It comes in a small carry case that fits into easily into your backpack or diaper bag and you can add some tweezers or other small items if needed.


Shrunks Toddler Travel BedHas your toddler has outgrown their pack-n-play or travel crib? Then this inflatable travel bed for kids just might be the solution for your next trip!

The The Shrunks Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed is an air bed especially designed for kids.

The inner “bed” is covered in a soft material which fits standard crib/toddler bed sheets and it is deep enough for your child’s bedding to be tucked in, so it’s more like their bed at home. The inflatable sides help to prevent your child from rolling out of bed in the middle of the night.

Shrunks Toddelr Travel BedThe two sections blow up separately, in less than a minute, and it comes with a carry bag and a Jetaire electric pump (which incidentally is handy for blowing up other holiday inflatables!)

It is perfect for travel, especially in hotels where there is no options for a toddler bed. Many hotels offer a baby crib or a regular bed but nothing in between. This bed folds up into a small carry bag and is light enough to pack into a suitcase or into your carry-on if you are flying.

The toddler size travel bed is recommended for children aged 2-5 years (see dimensions below)

So what do people like and dislike about the Shrunks Inflatable Toddler Bed?


  • Inflates and deflates quicklyShrunks Toddler Travel Bed Mattress
  • Easy to transport
  • Comes with carry bag, repair kit and Jetaire Electric Pump
  • Comfortable bed for toddlers
  • Uses regular size crib sheets (that can be tucked in)
  • Close to the ground so safer for little ones
  • Great solution for grandma’s house, camping or overseas travel
  • Made from non-toxic PVC material that is *Phthalate-Safe, BpA and Lead-Safe
  • Kids love it!

*Note: Phthalates are added to PVC to make it more soft and flexible. The Shrunks beds are labelled as Phthalate “safe” because the do contain phthalates but less than 0.05%. Recent legislation in California restricts the use of PVC containing more than 0.1% phthalate, so it is well under this limit.


  • Some people have complained about the plastic “smell” when this bed is first opened so it might be a good idea to take the travel bed out and air it out before use. The smell will go away.
  • Being an inflatable bed there’s always a small chance of leaks. The bed comes with a repair kit but it’s probably a good idea to inflate the bed before traveling to make sure there are no defects. The company will happily exchange the travel bed for a new one if there are any problems.

How Big Is The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed?

  • Ages 2+Shrunks Carry Bag
  • Takes a maximum weight of 150 lbs / 68kg
  • Size Inflated: 60 x 37 x 9 inches or 152 x 94 x 23 cm

The length of the inner mattress section is 47 inches/120 cm long and 28 inches/60cm wide, so if your child is less than 47 inches in height, the toddler bed would be the best size.

If you need something larger The Shrunks also make a Kid’s Sleepover Travel Bed along the same design for children aged 6-12 years. These beds take a twin size fitted sheet and the inner mattress measures 70 inches/180 cm long and 43 inches/100 cm wide. The maximum weight capacity of the Kids Travel Bed is 300 lbs/138 kg.

How Do I Clean The Shrunks Inflatable Beds?

The inflatable beds are easy to clean if you need to remove stains. The company recommend using luke warm Shrunks Waterproof Coverwater and a cloth to wipe the mattress and you should leave it in direct sunlight to dry. If this isn’t an option you can spray it with white vinegar to remove any odours.

It is possible to purchase a Waterproof Airbed Cover for The Shrunks Toddler Airbed that is made from 420 denier nylon that is water repellent. The skirt fits around the underneath of the mattress and protects it from moisture or rougher surfaces so could be good option for camping.

The Shrunks Wheeled Travel Bag

Shrunks Wheeled Travel BagIf you are looking for a stronger nylon bag for your trip, The Shrunks also make a Wheeled Traveling Bag. This bag is designed to carry your Shrunks toddler inflatable bed plus bedding, electric pump and a couple of toys. (A parent who bought this bag reports that it’s big enough to fit two inflatable toddler beds with sheets and blankets if you have twins or two toddlers).

The 600 denier nylon is very sturdy and the handle is retractable so it can easily be stowed in the trunk of the car or as overhead luggage on a plane.

What Does It Cost?

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed usually retails for around $79 which includes the electric pump and a small carry bag. I have seen that Amazon often sells this toddler travel bed for cheaper. Click here to check the latest price.

This inflatable travel bed does seem to be good option for toddlers who have outgrown their travel cot. A friend of mine recently purchased one for her 2 1/2 year daughter and they have used it for trips to Grandma’s house, visiting friends and one short overseas trip and she says her daughter loves it!

Shrunks Wheeled Travel Bag 2





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